Mesh marble fidget

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How a simple Fidget Toy can Reduce Stress and bring peace and quiet 

Distractions everywhere. Upcoming deadlines and people talking in the next room make it difficult to focus and concentrate on the things that need to get done. Fidgeting hands, bouncy feet and ADHD tendencies make it impossible. 

This Fidget Toy give the hands something to do so the mind can relax and focus on the task. Squeeze the marble back and forth, or squish the sleeve together to roll the marble around. Quiet and strong they are enjoyable and easy to use. 

Hand one out to each person and now you can sit back and take a deep relaxing breath. Easy. 

Calm & Focused Guarantee 
We have been working with children since 1989 and know how difficult it can be to bring peace to the day. While not for everyone, we have found this Fidget Toy to be very successful. 

Occasionally, with enough effort, the marble will pop out of the webbing. Simply separate the strands and put the marble back in. 

TEACHERS love these Fidget Toys because they help students to reduce the noise and distraction to others. 

PARENTS love the portable size and an easy way to help their children be quiet in the car or doctors office. Easy to clean and very durable, these Fidget Toys work great. 

THERAPISTS recommend quiet fidget gadgets for children with ADHD, OCD, or Autism. Fidget Toys can help keep children quietly entertained and reduce stress. 

ADULTS enjoy the Fidget Toy to help increase focus while problem solving or just before a presentation.