Lycra Bed Sheets - King Single

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Lycra Bed Sheets will help children who have a difficult time unwinding, relaxing, and calming his/her body for sleep.
Lycra Bed Sheets stretch over the body and give deep pressure that will calm and soothe an over-aroused, disorganized, or fearful nervous system.
Do you find your child covered in stuffed animals, pillows or layers of blankets/comforters on top of them? A Lycra Bed Sheet will help with this too.
Lycra Bed Sheets are fun! Children can crawl to the middle of the bed and push up against the lycra, making a little fort for fun. Older children with SPD who may still need to be tightly wrapped to calm an over aroused nervous system down and the Lycra Bed Sheet is perfect for that.
Please note that our bed sheets are enclosed at the bottom but the material is completely breathable, kiddies do like to crawl inside and relax but will still be able to breath.